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Acid casein technical
  • Acid casein technical
  • Acid casein technical
  • Acid casein technical
  • Acid casein technical
  • Acid casein technical
  • Acid casein technical

Acid casein technical

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Acid technical casein is produced by coagulation of protein from fresh skim milk.


DairyCo LLC offers acid technical casein in granules or 30 - 60 - 90 mesh.


Acid technical casein is used in chemical, woodworking, pulp - and - paper, perfumery, pharmaceutical, etc. industries. Thanks to its high absorbing properties, technical casein is applied as additive in manufacturing of waterproof paints, dyes, glues, varnishes, fillings, self - leveled mixes, plastic, cosmetics, aluminum foil and other products.


Acid technical casein is also widely applied in connection with its gluing properties. Its use on modern labeling equipment guarantees high efficiency of gluing, even at very high speed. Also it is used as binding substance in production of glue paints, when gluing wooden and paper products, artificial skin and fabrics. Casein can be used as stabilizer/emulsifier in various emulsions.


In case technical casein is stored in dry, pure, well ventilated rooms, quality will remain stable stable up to 24 months.


Acid technical casein from DairyCo LLC is produced from cow's milk.


Quality characteristics of our casein correspond:


  1. Protein (dry matter), % min - 94, 0;
  2. Moisture, % max - 12, 0;
  3. Fat, % max - 1, 8;
  4. Ash, % max - 2, 5;
  5. Acidity, % max - 50, 0;
  6. рН - 5, 1.


Product is shipped in 25 kg bags or big - bags worldwide.


DairyCo Ukraine


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 30.05.2020
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Ukrainian dairy ingredients/proteins manufacturing company DairyCo LLC offers Acid technical casein. Product is shipped worldwide. All information about casein, quality characteristics, other information.